2019, 4 JUL
RZD Logistics Launches new container Route from the Chinese City of Yantai to Moscow Region

АО RZD Logistics JSC, together with its subsidiary Far East Land Bridge LTD (FELB), organized a new railway container service on the route from Yantai station (China) to Seliatino station in the Moscow region. The first train, consisting of 42 containers, was sent on June 28, when the Chinese station began operations. As expected, it will arrive in the Moscow region in 16-18 days. The container train will proceed to the destination on the territory of Mongolia, through the border checkpoints Erlian and Naushki.

ТрансЛогистика2019 One of the special aspects of Yantai Station is primarily the consolidation of cargo from the Chinese province of Shandong, which includes such large industrial cities as Qingdao, Zibo, Linyi, Jining and others. In addition, the station is connected to the port terminal, in the future it will allow to attract additional freight flows to both Russia and Europe from Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea and Japan, as well as from the Chinese ports of Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian and Tianjin, adjacent to the sea gate of Yantai city district.

The new service “RZD Logistics” and FELB implies regular dispatch of container trains - two more trains will be launched in July, and starting from August, the route will become weekly. In the future, cargo traffic will be distributed not only through Mongolia, but also through the border crossing Zabaikalsk. The first train from Yantai City District, consisting of 42 containers, some of which are completed with consolidated goods, will deliver consumer goods, equipment, spare parts and electronics to the Moscow Region. The cost of transportation using this service will be from 1850 USD for a 40-ft container and from 110 USD for 1 cu. m

“RZD Logistics continues to expand the geography of its transportations from China. By organizing new transport routes, we try to find solutions that will meet the needs of our customers. At Yantai Station, it is convenient to consolidate cargo from all over Shandong Province, one of the most industrialized in China, and it is also successfully connected to the sea terminal, with which we also plan to group and ship to Russia and Europe from other countries in the Asia-Pacific region”, – said Sales Director of JSC RZD Logistics Olga Stepanova.