2016, 8 APR
FELB again proves their role as main Asia-Europe railway operator and pioneer in this specific business field. FELB is launching the first train from South China to Europe and CIS.
2016, 6 APR
 RZD Logistics (a subsidiary of Russian Railways) and Azerbaijan Railways will develop the International North–South Transport Corridor. The partners agreed on a pass-through rate aiming to attract more freight traffic to the multimodal route. This route is starting in India, and passing through Iran, Azerbaijan to Russia and in the opposite direction.
2016, 30 MAR
As of March, Far East Land Bridge (a subsidiary of RZDL) is launching an open/public train named East World Express with weekly departures from Duisburg. The eastbound route from Duisburg in Germany will reach out to the eastern destinations of Russia, the CIS region, China, Japan and South Korea with transit time varying from 14 to 21 days.

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